how we got here...

I have always been an artist - I've loved to draw and paint ever since I can remember. And while I didn't formally learn calligraphy until high school... I suppose I've always been a stickler for beautiful handwriting, too. Writing, drawing, and painting have been an innate part of who I am for my entire life, and it's always been a dream to make a living by creating things for others.

I met my husband in art school and when we got engaged, we knew our wedding would quickly turn into one giant, collaborative art project. What I didn't anticipate was the incredible joy I would derive from making art out of the details of our wedding day - I simply didn't know how sweet the experience of writing all of our loved ones' names beautifully across an escort card would be, or any  number of the other similarly "small" details we worked on for that matter. I fell in love with it and just wasn't ready to stop this new kind of art-making. So I launched this business, and now I never have to.  :)

My darling, handsome, and incredibly patient husband also happens to be a wedding photographer, so this genuine love for love is a family affair. We created Chaney Studios, a business committed to providing thorough, one-of-a-kind paper products and photography to brides and grooms nationwide, because we want to make art about the very best parts of life - love, joy, and parties.