envelope calligraphy:

How do I submit my address list?
You can submit your addresses in either a word or excel document attached to an email to amy[at]chaneystudios[dot]com.
here is a handy template for excel.

Can I add addresses after I've received my initial order?
Absolutely! We will keep a tab of any additions you make and send you an invoice once we confirm that we are all done.  :)

What if there are mistakes?
We triple check everything we do, but in the event that there is an error that we made, we will correct it and send you a replacement ASAP. If a mistake was made on the customer's end, we will happily redo what needs fixing, but will charge normal fees to do so. Please double check the materials you send us.

Do you provide envelopes, or do I?
Either way is fine! If you've ordered envelopes through a stationer, we are happy to work with what you have. We're also more than happy to order envelopes for you! We especially love Paper Source and Crane!  :)

How far in advance to I need to order?
We recommend booking our time 2 or 3 months in advance to ensure that we have the time set aside to work on your project. It takes us 2 weeks to complete 100 envelopes, but our time books quickly, so we highly recommend getting in touch as soon as possible. We accept a 25% non-refundable deposit on jobs booked in advance.

When do I pay you?
We require all orders to be paid in full before shipment or delivery. Once we receive the address list and envelopes (if provided), we will send you an invoice and ask you to complete your purchase. If you have not completed your purchase, your order will not be shipped or delivered!